This page provides important information on bookings, opening times for play area sessions and events and Rules of Play


  • The bookings process:

The process for making bookings online is mostly self-explanatory and straightforward, however, there is a peculiarity which we at Quality Time have tried to resolve with the site provider without success.  This peculiarity becomes evident when there is only one place remaining in any session or event.  What happens when there is only one place available is that the “Number of PAID places” box is no longer visible. Any customer who wishes to book the one remaining place should simply CLICK the “Next” button to complete the booking process. A customer wanting to book more than one place will have to seek another date.


  • Arriving for PLAY AREA sessions and EVENTS:

All the staff at Quality Time are committed to ensuring that all visitors to our premises are provided with the best possible environment for quality interaction with their children. This requires a lot of setting up both inside and in the courtyard in the 30 minutes available between sessions. Our premises do not have a waiting area and therefore we must keep the doors locked until the beginning of the session or event.    

Parents standing at the door with young kids puts huge pressure on us and raises safety concerns. If you do arrive early, please do not seek entry until the start time.

Sessions will run 10am-12pm, 12.30pm-2.30pm and 3.00pm-5pm.  If you arrive in the middle of a session you will still need to leave at the end of that session (i.e. will receive less than 2hrs play).


  • Rules of Play

The whole purpose of Quality Time is to provide a well-resourced and secure environment in which young children can learn through play. Quality Time was not created to be another soft-play area or indoor playground. We have certain Rules of Play which can be read by clicking here and these are deemed to have been read and accepted by anyone who makes a booking.