Our themed indoor play area opens (term time):-

Wednesday 10.00-13.00 Toddler session (book in or drop in)

Thursday 10.00-13.00 Toddler session (book in or drop in)

Thursday 13.30-17.00 Play session (book in or drop in)

Friday 10.00-13.00 Toddler session (book in or drop in)

Friday 13.30-17.00 Play session (book in or drop in)

Saturday 10.00-12.00 Play session (booking essential*)

Saturday 12.30-14.30 Play session (booking essential*)

Saturday 15.00-17.00 Play session (booking essential*)

Sunday 12.30-14.30 Play session (booking essential*)

Sunday 15.00-17.00 Play session (booking essential*)

* some sessions may be exclusively hired for parties


Term time Wed -Fri - £5 per child

Term time Sat & Sun - £6 per child

School holidays Tues -Sun - £6 per child


  • Children should be in the same area as their parent/caregiver (i.e. play area, courtyard, cafe, toilets).

  • No running, throwing, climbing, rough play or destructive behaviour.

  • No food or drinks in the play areas (with the exception of adults and children seated at the picnic benches).

  • Indoor toys and resources (including costumes) must remain in the inside play area and outdoor items should remain in the courtyard.

  • All children should be guided to play with one resource at a time and not allowed to repeatedly pull items from the shelves on to the floor.

  • Parents/caregivers are responsible for ensuring the children under their supervision adhere to the rules above and that resources are returned to their shelf, table or rail.  However, Quality Time staff may also engage with and/or redirect children should we be concerned about safety or damage to resources.

Toddler sessions now include access to our ball pool, spinners, sensory dark den and much more.  Drop in or to be certain of a place AND receive a free snack box book online*.

* the session runs for 3hrs but your admission is for 2 hours within that session